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Candy Bags Of Assorted Products That Best Adapts Your Needs
15 Candies per Bag (One of Each Candy You See On The Image)

Choose # Of Candy Bags, Type & Color Package

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Each Bag Contains:

1 Bocadin Chocolate Bar, 1 Of Each Flavor Vero Lollipop (Mango & Manita), 1 Japanese Peanuts 20g, 1 Corn Stick Churritos, 1 De La Rosa Pulparindo Assorted Flavors (Tamarind, Watermelon or Mango), 1 De La Rosa Mazapan, 1 Lucas Salsaghetti Watermelon Flavor Gummy, 1 Tamarind Mini Pelon Pelo Rico, 1 Spicy Wheat Flour Rings Cachitos, 1 Mini Bubulubu (Marshmellow Chocolate Coated), 1 Mango Baby Lucas Flavor, 2 Canels Bublugum 4ct Assorted Flavors, 1 Ricolino Duvalin Trisabor (Hazelnut, Vanilla & Strawberry) & 1 Original Spicy Watermelon Lollipop.

Package Options: Cellophane Bags, Craft Bags or Treat Box

Package Colors (White, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Blue, Black)

Additional information

Party Size

20 Bags, 30 Bags, 40 Bags, 50 Bags

Package Type

Cellophane, Craft Bag, Treat Box

Package Color

Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, White, Green, Brown, Purple


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